How to Survive in a Hotel Room

Possibly, you may be very lucky and get the world’s most perfect hotel room, but for the average holiday maker staying at a hotel can cause occasional challenges to convenience or comfort. Here are a few tips to help you to survive all the difficulties unscathed.

The first tip is to take one of those inflatable pillows with you. They take up no room at all in your bags of course, and are very easy to inflate without the need for any pump. They are usually covered with a comfortable flock material, and will help you relax on the airplane, and will also help to boost the pillows in your hotel room, which are invariably flat and lack support. Using one of these to boost your pillows will help you to get a good night’s sleep and wake up feeling more refreshed, and not in need of a hot shower to sort out your stiff neck.

Another tip is to take with you a scented candle or plug in air freshener. If you have been given a smoking room by mistake when you asked for a non-smoking room, certainly, the first thing you should do is to complain and ask to be moved. If this isn’t possible, or you are simply too tired to be bothered to move, or the room simply smells unfamiliar or musty, light a candle or plug in the freshener and your room will smell familiar, pleasant and far more agreeable very quickly. Sure, for security reasons you should never leave the candle unattended, either whilst you have a bath or sleep. 성남룸싸롱

If you need to wake up by a certain time, either to make sure you’re in time for breakfast, or simply to make best use of your day, don’t rely on the hotel to do this. Sometimes they do, sometimes they forget, and sometimes they’re simply late. Instead, take a travel alarm clock with you which will be more reliable. A battery operated on is perfect, as long, certainly, as your batteries are fresh, and you have a spare set. Do also remember to change the time if you have moved to a different time zone. It’s easily forgotten when you’re off to bed and tired after a long journey!

It can often be the situation that the water provided in hotels is rather chlorinated, and even if this isn’t this particular situation, it could be harder or softer than you’re used to, and the unfamiliar taste can prove to be unpleasant. Instead, take bottled water with you, and then you are guaranteed to have fresh, pleasant tasting water to keep you going.

Another little tip is to take tea bags with you. These have two uses: the first is obviously to make tea with. The tea bags left in your room are usually cheap and fairly tasteless, so having your own will be a very much more tasteful and refreshing experience. In addition to which, if you have had a long journey and your eyes are puffy, soak the tea bags in water and lay one against each of your eyes; they will help to sooth your eyes and reduce the puffiness.

Finally, take an iPod or personal music player with you. If there are unfamiliar noises, such as city sounds outside when you’re used to living in a rural area, or just unfortunately noisy neighbours, having this item playing some soothing music will drown out any ambient noises and help you to get to sleep better. Alternatively, a pair of ear plugs will help too.