Food Dehydrator Tips

After you have bought the food dehydrator, reading the user manual is considered as important as choosing the right food dehydrator. There are some benefits that come from the information from the user manual. However, some of these tips may or may not be in the user manual and are left to general knowledge and reasoning. Some of the things you need to do when using a food dehydrator are the following; russian food store

To ensure that the food is dehydrated as fast as possible, you need to ensure that lots of area is exposed to the heat in the food dehydrator. The more area is exposed, the less the time it will use to be dried and the less the amount of energy will be needed to dry the food. The thinner the slices, the faster the food will be dehydrated.

Placing food in one part of the dehydrator sheets will be reducing the surface area exposed to the heat of the food dehydrator and this will mean that more time will be taken to dry the food and more energy will be used. Ensure that you have spread the slices as evenly as possible when drying the food.

Ensure that all the foods have been exposed evenly to the fans so that the process of drying is fast and easy. For this to happen, you need to ensure that all the sheets are exposed evenly to the fans by always checking the status of the machine at work.

After the food has been dried and you are satisfied that it is dry enough, ensure that you have cooled them off first before sealing them in airtight containers. Cooling off must happen at room temperature; to ensure that moisture does not seep into the dried foods. The purpose of sealing is to make sue that moisture does not get into the food and cause them to do bad before you plan to make use of them.

Hygiene is very important, so make sure you have cleaned the food dehydrator to prevent food from gathering in the food dehydrator. Experiment all the time with different recipes; always make sure you have dried them thorough and covered the foods in airtight containers after cooling them off. Some food will not dry well if you use a lot of temperature on them especially if it is more than the recommended temperature for that food. Most of the time what you think is dried food is actually hardened food, and they always have a soft interior which does not mean that the food has dried well. This will cause spoilage. Sometimes, dehydrating foods with strong scents alongside those that do not have strong scents will lead to the mixture of scents and this will mean a bad experience when eating them. If you are dehydrating vegetables, ensure that you have dehydrated the alone, do not mix fresh vegetables with cooked food; you will have a lot of challenges with dripping and a messy dehydration.