Dating Women – Dating Women in the Workplace

Dating in the workplace is a fairly common occurrence. However, when dating women where you work, or getting ready to, it’s important to be aware that not everyone wants to date someone they work with, for various reasons. Some workplaces also have specific rules concerning dating in the workplace.

Guidelines for Dating in the Workplace

Every workplace has different rules concerning dating. Some don’t allow it at all. Others encourage it because studies have shown that it encourages production. Most places don’t let managers date their employees because a manager might be forced into the relationship with threats of being fired. Or they might be bribed with a pay raise. The work relationship might end by someone being fired or forced to quit. คลิปโป๊

When men and women are dating in the military, for instance, they must both be officers or both specialists and privates. Even when they’re both officers, there are certain guidelines that must be followed. In the event that an officer is dating someone of a lower rank, they are given a year to break up or get married. PDA is not allowed.

What Are the Advantages to Dating Women in Your Workplace?

Dating women in the workplace has several distinct and unusual advantages. These include:

*Seeing one another every day
*Spending time together during the day
*Going out to lunch together
*Making plans for later

As was previously mentioned, there are even advantages for the employers, as dating couples tend to increase their production. Both people are concerned about keeping their jobs, so go to extreme lengths to make sure there is no reason to lose them.

What Are the Disadvantages to Dating Women in the Workplace?

If you work long or odd hours in your job, like doctors, nurses and lawyers do, dating women who also have long hours isn’t necessarily appealing. Especially if the hours aren’t always regular. Other disadvantages include:

*If you break-up, you still see one another every day
*If you have a fight, everyone knows about it
*You can’t take a break from her.